Speaking and listening

I’ve been lucky to share my thoughts and enter discussions with a wide range educators and thinkers both nationally and internationally. Below you will find links to these conversations, please feel free to take look. In addition to these podcasts and online discussion, I regularly host the Tuesday Late Show for Teachers Talk Radio, all the shows are here



Out of the Trenches Podcast

A US podcast hosted by Dana Goodier, that explores leadership and the power of education.

Teachers Point of View

A chance to share my views on Education and the direction of travel post-pandemic. A really enjoyable conversation.

Inside the Principal’s Office

How can we be much more intentional about our hiring and recruiting efforts to ensure that we are not only hiring exceptionally talented and bright teachers, but ones that will also create a connection with our community.

Uk Edustories

In this episode the conversation focused on the preparation school leaders and governors were involved in to support the opening of school on the 8th March 2021.

Bowden Education

Three headteachers discuss their journey to leadership, the current challenges, their inspiration, well-being and the how best to provide well-being for their staff and, importantly, strategies for self-care. A great conversation

Unlocking The Middle

During this session Navigating Leadership explored the need for educators and leaders to develop opportunities to increase PLNs (Professional Learning Networks) & Networking.

Teach Better Team

This thirty minute panel allowed educators from the US, Canada and the UK to discuss their passions within educations and the possibilities for the coming year for schools globally.

Educators Without Borders

We join school principals from across the pond as they share experiences from the first semester and take a forward look at the remainder of the school year and beyond in the ever-changing landscape of education.