Leading in the now…it’s just the start.

I’ve always wanted to start a blog.

To put pen to paper or finger tips to keyboard, whatever the neatest, to share my ideas and musings on the world of education.

So where do I start?

Where’s the best place to begin?

To commence?

To launch?

Well, I suppose, it’s here.

From working in education for many years, my experience has led me from a world of teaching a timetable of GCSEs and A-Levels to an even more complex career as a senior leader in both secondary and primary sectors. Notwithstanding a long spell working in various education units in adolescent residential social care, to a brief sojourn teaching post-graduates as a visiting lecturer at universities, to then, finally, the here and now; a principal of a large primary school in the heart of Leicester City. A post that I am proud to hold.

Reflecting, I feel privileged to have experienced a breadth of settings, to have worked with a wide range of talented professionals and had the pleasure to have taught and held the company of many wonderfully talented and creative pupils and students.

I have a passion for education and believe firmly, like most educators, that the work undertaken in the variety of educational settings across the country, is the difference required to transform lives forever.

Through this site, I want to share my experiences, thoughts and opinions and, if possible, support others in their learning and leadership development.

At any time in our careers, supporting the profession, championing the work of teachers and educators at every stage in their journey, is a crucial element of the ongoing dialogue that helps shape, redirect, inform and challenge the work we do in order to improve it further.

However, this year, like no other, has reignited the biggest questions in education; its purpose, its place and, without doubt, the form it takes and the platform and social structures it sits within. From the classroom to the screen, from direct instruction to the ever-growing independence of remote learning. It’s clear that change is the current constant.

As we collectively view the current landscape of education and academia respond to a wealth of unraveling global challenges, it’s becoming acutely evident that the changes we make now, will no doubt, shape the educational values and principles we have held for generations.

The times are-a-changing and, perhaps, it’s now time to reflect on the unique position we find ourselves in and begin this journey towards a new normal; standing together and leading in the now to shape and create an educational vision for the next generation.

As I said. It’s just the start.

Dan Edwards